The End of History
from the novels, The Lodging for the Rose, by Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

The End of History.
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      On the third day, while we were dancing to the local band in the restaurant, after our dinner, Sylvia suggested to me that I should go back to Siberia and convince Nina to help us. "You can get her to become a pioneer herself, in the fight," Sylvia said. "If Nina is the kind of person that you told be about, she will want to bring the idea forward though her channels within the Strategic Rocket Forces. I am convinced that the people that she interfaces with in high places, might be alert enough to latch onto those vital ideas that must be implemented. They, in turn, may even get other departments to follow suit, and who knows, even other nations."
      I didn't like the idea of risking Nina position for this, and told Sylvia so.
      "Then you are prepared to be risking her life," Ushi responded sharply, who had overheard our conversation on the dance floor. "No one is not involved in this," she added. "No one is isolated. No country is not in danger. Isolation is not a possibility. That is what Olive told me in Caracas," she added.
      Ushi pointed out that this is the very platform that Olive has used to solicit funds for me, from reluctant donors. "She had told them that no person on the planet is not involved in what is going on," said Ushi.
      "Isn't that exactly what you had told me way back on that day in Washington?" said Sylvia. "You had likened humanity to a village located downstream from a dam that is breaking up. The emergency affects everyone. Then someone says, 'I am not involved, the dam is not  my business. I have a vegetable garden to tend to.' And so that person declines. Nevertheless, that person is involved. By refusing to help, that person becomes involved in the destruction of the village that might otherwise have been saved. By not becoming involved in the necessary fight for life, that person becomes involved in the destruction of his or her world, and her own life with it.
      "So, Peter, don't worry about inviting Nina to become involved," added Sylvia. "She might recognize this invitation as an expression of being honored by you, with an invitation to become involved in something that is far greater than oneself."
      "But going back to Siberia seems so unproductive," I replied.

      Nevertheless, by the time the dancing was over, and the more I thought about it, the more Sylvia's proposal appeared to be valid. It appeared that Sylvia's plan could work and quite effectively so.
      Sylvia suggested later that night that captain Yuri Brovikov might be able to get me back into Russia for this project, skipping beneath the the new iron curtain with which Russia had isolated itself once more. "Yuri would do this in Nicolai's honor," said Sylvia in a reassuring tone.
      The next morning, during breakfast Sylvia also suggested that Ushi should join me. "Ushi knows many people in Russia and might be able to look up some of Nicolai's friends and her own trusted contacts."

      The more Sylvia talked this way, about the plan, the more exciting the idea became to contemplate. We talked to Ushi about it on the beach, once we had a foundation established. We also talked to Steve, who supported the idea. We practically worked out the entire itinerary right on the beach. Ushi, too, became exited about the potential breakthroughs that could be made by going first to Russia. Indeed, it was fun to do this kind of grandiose dreaming again, with Sylvia, Ushi and Steve all playing a major part in it.
      When Sylvia presented the complete plan to everyone, I watched Tony's reaction. Would he ridicule her? Heather instantly supported us, and so did Ross.
      Heather's support came out of the depth of her usual excitement with things that are "full of vitality and life," as she had put it a long time ago. "Yes, you must do that," she said to me instantly and wished us luck.
      Heather's enthusiasm also affected Tony. Tony approved of the plan. He even said that he would help us do the same within the USA, once we returned. Sylvia, too, promised to help. She said that she would do the work in the USA together with Tony. She told us that there are certain people at the NORAD center who still respected her from the cruise missile days. She was certain she could get them to see the truth about the reason for which their center even exists. She said, she might even be able to get her foot further into the door, up to higher levels, with Fred's help, who had always been close to her. Tony, too, promised to help her in any way he could. "So, why not start right away," confirmed Fred when we called him.

      I also phoned Erica in Germany that night, to ask if she would cover Germany. She agreed that this could be done, but she said that she would need help.
      "You must make it clear without fail," Steve took over the phone, "when you talk to people, that the threat of nuclear war or depopulation, or anything like that, is fundamentally an economic issue. You must let people know that this is a part of the fondi's war against humanity, and ultimately against itself, by the same token; that this is a war that is fuelled by a failure of perceptions. You must also make it clear to them, that deep down at the most fundamental level, the whole problem is ultimately a social issue that goes back to the political perversion of the Decalogue. Use the metaphor of the flower garden to illustrate this. If we can all do this, and do it well, I think the people might respond and take the necessary steps to save themselves and their world by shutting down the fondi's wars, by elevating even the 'royal' society of the fondi into becoming human again."
      "I need help with this. No one can do this alone," said Erica.
      "Nicolai always worked alone," I reminded her.
      Steve added that he would try to convince Ross to help out in Germany.
      We thanked her for her promise.

      Steve also, was finally getting exited, now. He volunteered to take on the Chinese in the same fashion. He said that the Chinese are just as deeply affected by the fondi's 'royal' wars. "They are up to their eyebrows in it, even though they don't want to get involved. They are involved, as Sylvia had said, because no one is not involved."
      Steve added that the Chinese were in a state of denial, because they are far too tightly focused onto building, than to take time out to protect what they have built, and to protect their civilization. Steve noted that this failure had been a deadly problem for the the Chinese many times in history.
      I suggested to Steve that the Chinese people needed to learn the lesson that Nicolai had tried to teach us with his two New York seminars on Russia and on China. "He had spent two hours talking about China's vast development plans," I said to Steve, "and another two hours taking about the economic collapse of Russia through international looting to the point where Russia had nothing left except its vast arsenal of nuclear weapons. Nicolai's point was clear then: that unless Russia is rescued economically, and strategically, the vast construction efforts in China will be be irrelevant, because when Russia falls in the synarchist games, China falls right behind it. I suggested that to some extent that was still true."
      "The whole world must be rescued," said Sylvia, "and not just Russia and China. The hole 'weapons of mass destruction' scare show that is being unleashed in the West by the fondi, is set up as ruse to create a pretext for destroying the industrial and pharmaceutical infrastructure of all the targeted nation. That's the real target. This kind of senseless targeting must be prevented. Of course, Russia and China must play a role in this. We must built a world wide club of nations who are fully aware of the game that is being played by the fondi, who will make it clear to the fondi that they are not allowed to play their games anymore, toying with the life of entire nations. China cannot be exempted from this responsibility."

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