The End of History
from the novels, The Lodging for the Rose, by Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

The End of History.
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      She told us that the teachers, farmers, doctors, and business people are not much better of than the pensioners who had once built the country. She said that the situation was so grim that it appeared to her that the government, itself, was trying to kill off the bulk of the people. She also told us that in addition to that, there is a great deal of mental destruction going on. Only four tenth of one percent of the GDP is devoted to advanced education, and this in a country that once had the most highly educated work force in the world.
      Ushi told us that this silent collapse goes on in the background, while at the same time forty percent of the nation's taxes are 'confiscated' by the IMF for debt service payments. "This is another facet," she said, "of the fondi's war against humanity. We must stop this multifaceted war. If we succeed, most of humanity's deep seated problems will disappear."
      "And if we fail?" asked Tony.
      "That's unimaginable," she said.
      "The whole county is collapsing," said Steve. "Unemployment is snowballing, together with crime, mortality, corruption, psychological disorders, and the collapse of public morale and tax discipline."
      Steve pointed out that this tragedy should be seen as a great tragedy for the world, because the Ukraine is not a banana republic, but has a highly advanced technological background. But mostly, it should be seen as a defeat for humanity as a whole. Everyone stood by and allowed this tragedy to happen. Would the world react differently if America was being destroyed  in the same way? Probably not.
      "The Ukraine has also inherited a large array of nuclear weapons from the Soviet era," said Steve. He suggested that it should be obvious to a child that this potent nuclear technology becomes dangerously volatile when it is mixed up with crime, corruption, a high mortality rate, and mounting psychological disorders. "Russia suffers the same fate," Steve added, "which had eighty percent of its industrial capacity destroyed by the IMF. This means that half of the world's nuclear weapons exist in an extremely volatile environment that is overshadowed by and history of economic rape. In addition to the pain that is being imposed, these nations, especially Russia, are constantly agitated and threatened anew, militarily, by the fondi." Steve said that this brief overview should give us an indication of the urgency of the fight we are in. He suggested that this fight for our humanity, on which all the solutions depend, should be carried forward with the same intensity with which we had fought against the death star.
      "In the Ukraine, starvation has reduced the population by two million in two years," Steve continued. Steve stood up and drew some figures in the sand which demonstrated that this is a huge figure for a nation of the size of the Ukraine. He proved with these figures that the rate of starvation in the Ukraine already supersedes the death-rate of Hitler's holocaust during World War II, and that it superseded several times the loss of human life in Africa that resulted from all of the wars there, and all of the diseases, and all of the starvation that Africa has become infamous for. He suggested that the tragedy in the Ukraine, nevertheless, only hints at the larger, creeping collapse of civilization around the world that presently claims the life of 50,000 children each single day across the globe, because their human world has been destroyed by the fondi's new weapon called, money. Money has become more and more an end unto itself for social destruction, just as it had been in feudal times, instead of being employed as a means to enable the self-development of society and the enrichment of its civilization.
      "Here lies the key to saving the world from nuclear war," Steve continued, standing up like a lecturer once again. "If the feudal monetarism cannot be defeated, humanity will die and finish its course in the fire of a nuclear war. Of course, the defeat of the feudal monetarism cannot be easily achieved. The entire 'my money' syndrome that the western society has been coerced into, and Russia too, and the Ukraine, and China and India to some degree, will have to be overturned. The focus needs to be shifted away from personal enrichment according to the model of a black hole in space, that is costing countless people their life, to the enrichment of the entire human society according to the model of the sun, that enriches the world. This is the only way by which we can overturn the goals of the fondi who will do everything in their power to prevent us from being successful. Still, this is how mankind can win World War III, which has already begun."
      Steve paused and sat down onto the nearest log. "I know how the fondi think. I have maintained my under-the-table connections with my contact inside the fondi, as you might have guessed. Even the fondi know that a comprehensive focus on its humanity, is mankind's only hope. This is also why they fear it. They fear it in every nation, even while they arrogantly tell me on the phone that World War III will never be won by humanity."
      Steve paused an took a sip from his water bottle. "We must prove them wrong," he continued. "This is what we must find a solution for. We must deflate their arrogance, defeat their resolve, make them human again. We can't save humanity in isolation, without inspiring the fondi into becoming human again as well. We must take them out of their self-isolation, in which they, too, have no chance to survive. This single point is more fundamental for their survival than their depopulation games or nuclear war conflicts that they have designed to carry out. This single point draws into itself all aspects that pertain to human survival, where they become a part of the larger issue that determines whether the whole of humanity dies or creates a richer civilization than has ever been imagined. This is what is at stake. We must begin our war against nuclear war by fighting for a new world-economic order that enables the self-development of all nations as human beings, and for this to happen we need to create a new and higher identity of man, universally. We need to go beyond seeing ourselves as merely made in the image of God, as man had been perceived during the Renaissance. We need to see man as being one with the infinite All, by which God is defined. We must see ourselves as creators and discoverers, as people of wisdom and dominion, endowed with beauty, compassion, love, even as the very reflection of God. We must see ourselves as the supreme being on this planet and in our universe. We must recognize ourselves as divine being."

      "I hope you realize that you are expecting a miracle," said Sylvia to Steve after he was finished making his speech. "You might succeed with that in China; you might even succeed with that in Russia; but in North America, you are treading on thin ice. There is nothing there that you or I can build on. People have become so deeply isolated from their humanity by years of diseducation through the schools; brutalization through entertainment; and brainwashing through the media; that they will kick us in the teeth the moment we open our mouth to tell them that their world is dangerously rotten to the core, that it is collapsing and may soon be destroyed. They will sooner listen to the synarchists than to us, even if they can sense that we are right and the synarchist are dangerous and may indeed blow America up. They still won't help us. The word, help, isn't in their vocabulary. They will do their usual dance and back away with folded arms and closed hands and tell themselves that this danger doesn't affect them. Instead of helping us, they will most likely say to the synarchists, 'if you want to blow our country up, hop to it, we won't get in your way, nothing works anymore anyway; just tell us when the fireworks start so that we can get our cameras in place and rolling. There is a fortune to be made from selling that kind of footage.' They may also add, 'please give us a week's notice before you blow the country up, so that we can shift our investments out of the dollar and buy derivatives against it, that will make us fabulously rich.'

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