The End of History
from the novels, The Lodging for the Rose, by Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

The End of History.
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      "Still, I don't think that the synarchists, who are the government right now, will pull the plug on America," I said to Steve. "As you said, they are dreaming of bringing America into the global world-empire, or America becoming that empire. It is more likely that the ruling synarchists have synarchist traitors in their midst, who work for the fondi who are the real empire, These hidden synarchist people will do the fondi's bidding without hesitation, should the ruling synarchists fail to obey. They are the fondi's backup plan. I don't think the fondi are that stupid that they will run this kind of high profile operation without a backup plan. We have to assume that such a backup plan exists, and that sometime down the line America is scheduled to be destroyed when its usefulness has run out, or when that destruction becomes useful for the fondi. The destruction of America has been the fondi's goal ever since the USA was founded, so why would that change? The fondi never relented from this goal. America represents the antidote to imperialism. They will never forget this. Nor will they be able to change this. They know that they can't. They know us better than we know ourselves, but not for long. We will begin to exploit our strength; the very strength that they fear. We will even begin to develop a real sense of justice that honors the brilliance of our humanity. It will no longer happen that when a person gets beaten up in our cities that people stand around watching the crime or walk away. They will all be held accountable together, as criminals against humanity, together with whoever is committing the crime that they allow to proceed. When we get to this high level of justice, of truthfulness with ourselves, there won't be any crime. Crime will be unthinkable. Synarchism will be unthinkable. The fondi will loose all of their stooges, and the world that they have known to operate in will exist no more. That will be their 'end of history.'"
      I could see a sense of horror in Ross' rapidly changing facial expression while I spoke. It appeared to me that he could already see those millions, or tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of people, dying in great agony, should we fail. He shook his head and said nothing.
      "I know what you must be thinking," I said to him. "How can they do this? Every human being would be thinking the same thing. This is our strength. This will rouse people to do the human thing. That's a part of our history. We have roused ourselves once before and defeated the synarchists' Nazi empire. We did this, because our humanity demanded this. We had no choice. So we do well to ask ourselves: How could they dare plan this again and hope to get away with it? Indeed we have asked ourselves the same question every time, before the synarchists unleashed their terrorism with ever greater ferocity. 'How could they dare to do this?' But have we asked ourselves that? First there were a few hundred casualties, then a few thousand, then a few million. Will they feel any different about killing a few hundred million in one go? Probably not. It's all the same to them. They did Horoshima. They did Nagasaki. They will do the USA just the same. They will say, 'Let's do it!' And then, they will simply do it. The process is the same in every case. As the synarchist Bertrand Russell had but it, really high minded people don't care about human life and happiness, especially other people's. They only care about it in their own little diabolical way as beastmen. They care about the gore they create and how it brutalizes society globally. The more gore they create, the deeper will the brutalization penetrate, reaching to the very core of the individual's consciousness. But the fact that this gore happens at all, no matter on what scale, indicates a failure on our part as a human society, which is a failure to value ourselves fully as the greatest manifest of life in the universe, that the human being is. When this happens, we will rouse ourselves to protect what is precious, and tolerate no form of synarchism, imperialism, even the looting of society."
      "We can still achieve this transition," said Steve to Ross, taking over from me. "That is our greatest strength. Right now, mankind's awareness of its own humanity is a thousand sizes too small, its like a grain of sand that we pick up from the seashore, instead of embracing the seashore as whole, including the waves, and the wind, and the sunshine. We can make the transition to this fuller realization of our humanity throughout the world. It is possible to do this on a global scale, Ross, because we are all human being together, existing as one. The universal unity of good, is our unity. It is possible to establish this fully. If the few of us here, can make this transition, as we have already begun to do, then all of humanity can do the same and go beyond it."
      Steve nodded and turned to me and to Ross. "We have no choice in this matter," said Steve with a stern expression. "We have to exploit that great potential that still exists in our humanity throughout the world, and develop it fully, and turn it against the fondi and against the synarchists now, even yesterday if we could, and against everything that denies our humanity. And we have to do this as fast as possible, before the synarchists take whatever final steps they need to consolidate their power as Hitler once did in Germany. Unfortunately, we are in a Catch 22 situation in America. If we make the synarchists vulnerable there, without bringing the world population behind us to destroy them decisively, the synarchists will bring the house down before they give up their power. They will do this. The synarchists are terrorists; the only terrorists; the original terrorists. It has been the fondi's plan from the beginning to utilized terrorism as a platform to build their world-empire on, just as the Romans had done. That is why they lobbied so hard for the development of the atomic bomb and the demonstration of it over Hiroshima. They lobbied for the atomic bomb as a terror weapon, before the atomic bomb even became a technical possibility. I can guarantee you with absolute certainty that the synarchists will use the bomb as they have done in the past, and they will use it against America if we don't stop that entire history of terrorism right now. The synarchists have been bred to be obedient dogs. They have been bred to be obedient to the fondi, even if this goes against their own plans. The fondi will make sure that the synarchists will do as they are told, one way or another. That is why we have to get the synarchists out now, all of them together, from their positions of power, and hit the fondi at the same time, globally. And we can do this. We have the Principle of the universe to build on, which they utterly mock. That will be their undoing."
      "This means that we will have to turn the whole of humanity into real human beings, just as the fondi fear, while we still can," said Tony astonished, "and this with a tight deadline, like yesterday. Maybe, it is already too late for that."
      "Pray that it isn't," said Ross.

       "I am serious," said Ross to Steve moments later. "I am beginning to realize what we are up against, you, me, and all of us together, even the whole of humanity, because they are already doing it on the same huge scale that is equal to the destruction of the whole of America. The synarchists have been doing this for years already, especially economically. They've destroyed Argentina already. They've destroyed Brazil. People are starved to death economically in those countries, as in many other countries, including the whole of Africa. When you have a dying child say to her mother, expiring in her mother's arms, 'Mama, is there food in heaven?' than I must see this death as an act of deliberate murder when this happens in a country like Argentina with a population of thirty-odd million, which produces enough food to feed three-hundred million. As we all know, that sort of thing is happening big time around the world; and still the synarchists are crying for more austerity, more blood, more genocide. They will never stop crying, and looting, and murdering."

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