The End of History
from the novels, The Lodging for the Rose, by Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

The End of History.
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      "Nicolai said this?" asked Ross.
      "Nicolai understood this," said Heather. "We talked out this extensively on the tour. He was certain that he would be targeted, one way or another, but he was equally certain that he would be able protect himself. After all, he was the naval security chief for a good reason. I just never thought that the death star was meant exclusively for him."
      "He probably didn't realize that either," said Steve, "not until the final moment. I just hope that he also realized that he did get the ball rolling in the right direction for Africa. What he has done with his lecture tour will assure that some day in the future the equivalent of half a trillion dollars will be made available annually, by the whole world, for the redevelopment of Africa into a human place, into the horn of plenty for the whole of humanity, which it has the potential to become."
      "Your assassination theory is absurd," said Ross. "How can you believe that anyone would murder eight million people to assassinate a single man. Nor did Nicolai ever talk to me about any dangers."
      Steve intervened. He put a hand of Ross' shoulder. "You have been out of touch for too long," he replied to Ross. "I told you that you wouldn't believe it, even if the evidence stares you in the face, because you are too small-minded. Your are too tightly focused on little things. You simply have no idea what kind of games are now being played. With this global Africa initiative, Nicolai stumbled into the big league. I had warned him about that. Africa is a big ticket item for the fondi. Africa has also become a sensitive issue for them, ever since this AIDS thing has become extremely messy which blew the lid off what they were up to. More and more people are asking questions about this AIDS thing, which becomes evermore difficult to cover up. Still, the fondi are determined to protect the economic destruction of Africa with every means at their disposal in order to keep their depopulation engine alive. The new diseases that are now coming out of Africa, for which the economic destruction of Africa is being staged in part, have frightened too many people. The fondi found a diversion for the time being, by blaming the new outbreak of diseases on global warming, which in reality doesn't even exist. Of course, if you own the press and the scientific elite, you can make humanity believe anything you want it to believe. You can control public consciousness so tightly, that the people don't know anymore what is up and what is down. Even the would-be patriotic networks are playing into the fondi's game. If you own the media, as they do, you can even make the public believe in global warming that isn't happening and will never will be, or that Africa isn't really a part of our world, so that people shouldn't concern themselves with that."
      "But murdering eight million people to silence one single man, even if that man said one word too much, that's unbelievable," Ross repeated.
      "That's just the point," said Steve. "It is meant to be unbelievable. If they would have assassinated Nicolai directly, as a high ranking security officer, questions would have been raised, and those questions would have exposed the fondi's Africa depopulation project. So they couldn't go this route. That would have been too dangerous. The Kennedy assassination nearly backfired at the fondi. Too many questions were asked by alarmed patriots who nearly blew the lid off the fondi's game plan which would have wrecked their entire long term project. It took a huge cover-up to keep the lid on. And even then, the damage control was precarious and expensive. The fondi won't make the same mistake again. This time they came up with a solution that is unbelievable. That, my fried, Ross, makes it safe."
      "But killing eight million people, that's going too far," said Ross. He sat down on a log, mentally exhausted and devastated, resting his head in his hands.
      Steve sat down next him. "You would understand all of this if you knew how the games are being played at the fondi's level."
      Steve told him that he had been in touch with some friends inside the fondi-empire for some years. "Their first priority is to find a way for assassinating their target that is totally unbelievable to anyone. That has become their main criterion recently. Then they look for somebody who has a project under way of the required type, that they can use. In this case they latched onto some utopian society that wants to free the earth from its 'human pest' as they put it. These types of ideologies have been heavily promoted by the fondi in the mid sixties, as semi-religious cults. Obviously, they found one and latched onto it, and offered to make these people's dreams come true. They probably even arranged the financing for the project, but insisted that it be carried out their way. So they build the doomsday machine, knowing full well that the device would eventually be tracked and be destroyed. In the end, nobody would ever believe that Nicolai was the real target, and that he, and all the other people were killed in order to protect the fondi's Africa project. The trail is too long to connect the dots. What makes the assassination unbelievable keeps their project protected. They need to keep Africa just as it is, as a breeding caldron for new and exotic diseases that will nicely depopulate the world according to their master plan. They want to do it the natural way so that nobody of the fondi can be blamed."
      "You are crazy," said Ross. "No wonder they call people like you conspiracy theorists."
      Steve just laughed. "If you believe that," he said to Ross, "then tell me for what reason the very first target city that was hit, was the only city in the world were Nicolai would likely be found during a state of emergency? Why didn't they target the East coast of the Americas, from Canada all the way down to Argentina, they could have hit big cities like Montreal, Boston, New York, Miami, Sao Paulo, Rio, Buenos Aires. They would have netted a few hundred million casualties in a single sweep. But they didn't do that. Instead, they hit a tiny little place like Murmansk. And even then, they stopped half way through the sweep. Why didn't they go for the full sweep, all the way down to Istanbul. Why did they stop with Leningrad? The obvious reason was, that the mission was accomplished at this point. Leningrad was hit just to make it look good."
      "Maybe they were after Russia's nuclear submarines, that are based in Murmansk," suggested Ross.
      Steve shook his head. "No Ross, they knew that Nicolai would get the Navy out of port at the slightest sign of danger. That's his job, to protect the Navy. They also knew that Nicolai would not leave his post until it would be too late. They profile their targets. They know exactly how their targets behave, and tailor their plans accordingly. That's how things are done in the real world. That's how they sprung the trap on Iraq to open the door for Dessert Storm that has made the entire Middle East a tinter box. That's the kind of enemy that humanity is facing, Ross. They even used us, cleverly, in their game. They gave us all the necessary information that we needed to track the thing and shoot it down. They made it almost too easy for us. The drop pod in Mexico was put there for our benefit, don't you see. They also gave us plenty of time to locate the pod in Siberia. Everything was made too easy for us. They gave us everything we needed to bring this thing down. It just took a while for me to realize that.
      "Our job now, is to make humanity understand this new enemy, and to understand the kind of games that are being played against it, and to make them realize how difficult this fight is. The fight is incredibly difficult," added Steve with a sigh.

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