The End of History

Situating the story


The preceding chapters evolve around a cataclysmic terrorist event that the protagonist, Peter, and his friends, became involved in to prevent it. The attack in the story is from a space based biological weapon in high orbit around the earth. They succeeded in destroying the weapon, but not until the damage was done. Eight million people were killed from Murmansk southward, including two of the protagonist's close friends, Nicolai and Antonovna (Anton).

The chapter presented here unfolds in Mexico. The scene is a private conference of the protagonist and his friends for the purpose of exploring the aftermath and how to prevent future events of the same kind.

Right! We have hared that before, haven't we. So they dig deeper.

Steve, an American professor of physics self-exiled to China, and Ushi his wife, a German born journalist, are the leading scientists of the team. Peter, the protagonist is an American ex-diplomat and a concerned patriot for humanity. His wife's name is Sylvia. Tony is an American ex-Air-Force officer; Ross, an amateur scientific researcher; Heather, his wife, is a long time associate of all of them and a global activist. Indira is from India, a medical doctor, educated in the USA, and a member of Peter's family in India. Nicolai, the deceased, was a high ranking Russian naval security officer who had begun devoting his life to the urgent task of rescuing Africa and redeveloping the world-economy to do it. Antonova, who died with him. would have finally become his wife after more than a decade. The rest unfolds in the story. 


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